Social Prescribing Ireland

We are a network of people who are connected by a shared belief in the potential of Social Prescribing as a force for good.

What is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing, sometimes referred to as community referral, is a means of enabling GPs, nurses and other health care professionals to refer people to a range of community, local, non-clinical programmes and services, through a community based Social Prescribing link worker. People can also self-refer to these programmes and service

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Our Ambition

Our ambition is that Ireland is recognised as a world leader in Social Prescribing. This means:

There is a sustainable, mainstreamed funding model for Social Prescribing across the island of Ireland

There is a strong body of evidence in Ireland (North and South) to support the impact of Social Prescribing

The All Island Network is active, growing and adding value to Social Prescribing across Ireland

Social Prescribing projects across Ireland are supported to deliver quality services and achieve positive outcomes

We believe Social Prescribing reduces health inequalities and improves wellbeing by targeting the social determinants of health.

Our purpose is to champion Social Prescribing so that it is valued, understood and sustained across the island of Ireland.

Everything we do as a network is underpinned by an agreed set of principles, these are;