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There are many local, regional and national policies, papers and frameworks for social prescribing that exist in England, Scotland, Wales and the island of Ireland and beyond. In our quest to build, gather and share a strong body of evidence in Ireland (North and South) to support the impact of Social Prescribing, we are sharing some of the documents and resources that have helped guide our fellow social prescribing champions here in other parts of the world:


A repository of useful resources on social prescribing

All-Ireland Social Prescribing Conference 2022 Report

HSE Social Prescribing Framework

Making Sense of Social Prescribing

Building Capacity for the Evaluation of Social Prescribing

Making Sense of Social Prescribing

South Dublin County Partnership Social Prescribing Evaluation

Donegal Social Prescribing Evaluation Report

The King's Fund - What is social prescribing

NHS Summary guide to social prescribing

Steps towards implementing self care

Social Prescribing - Making it work for GPs and patients

Social Prescribing Link Workers - Reference guide for Primary Care Networks

Social prescribing - our vision for London 2018-2028

Personalised Care and Social Prescribing

Health Professional Testimonials

Health professionals explain their experience of social prescribing
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Roberta Hay, a mental health professional explains how SPRING Social Prescribing works in practice

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Deirdre Ruane, Social Prescriber

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Social Prescribing at County Down Rural Community Network

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Social Prescriber Nuala McElroy explains how SPRING works

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Dr Paul Molloy

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Dr Pat O'Connor

Participant Testimonials

Participants explain their experience of social prescribing
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People urged to avail of social prescribing service

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Spring Interview

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Mary Rameriz Warm and Well

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Mary Rameriz pain management

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Frank talks Social Prescribing