Join us in celebrating #SocialPrescribingDay

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What is Social Prescribing Day?

The 3rd Social Prescribing Day on March 10th, 2022, is an event aiming to foster an attitudinal change, to shift the power to the people and local communities, to forge cross-sectoral collaboration, to promote co-design and co-creation, and to ensure social prescribing continues to grow as a grassroots movement.

How can I get involved in #SocialPrescribingDay?

More information on events will be announced shortly, but in the meantime, you can use customisable banners and logos via social media and email signatures to spread the word. There is a suite of resources available to download here.

So download the logo that we are displaying and personalise it for your scheme, then shout about the great work you are involved with.

Use #SocialPrescribingDay for any social media so we can track the impact and reach. If you are doing something special, let us know at @ireland_social and @Socialprescrib2

With thanks to those collaborating on #socialprescribingday